We toss and turn at night on the bed, barely getting a blink of sleep.

We’re itching to say something about the thought that lingers in our minds.

Maybe it’s about something you’ve experienced during the day that gives you the adrenaline rush, hoping it’ll happen again and you’ll feel the excitement all over again. Or maybe it’s the embarrassment you got when you tripped in front of the person you like and you wished that the earth would just swallow you whole.

Maybe it’s the regret about something that happened a long time ago, haunting your memories, wishing you haven’t done what you did or did what you should’ve done. Either way, the memory suddenly just popped up and all you felt was regret and the thought of “what could’ve happened”.

Maybe it’s the want of something that keeps you up. The want for something to happen tomorrow that you just can’t handle the excitement. Maybe it’s the want for someone to be right beside you while you sleep. Maybe it’s the want for something to change within you.

The thoughts that haunt you when you lie in bed, keeping you awake for hours.

This is that blog.